The goal of this site is to explore, develop and mount democracy games as a non-affiliated cooperative event to be held simulateously with all International Olympic Committee sponsored events.
It is meant to be global in perspective and participation, while local in practice and organization.
Ancient Greece was the birthplace of both Olympic sport and democracy; therefore these games are intended to be Olympian in spirit, adopting the IOC's code of ethics while rejecting many of their actual practises, including corporate sponsorships. Which is not to say this movement is anti-free enterprise.
The Olympics Games claims to be apolitical; yet its very nature proves it to be both neo-liberal and corporatist and therefor oligarchical rather than democratic.
The aim of Democracy Games is NOT to politicize atheletes, but to transform global and local community dynamics.
In essence, this site is intended as a place to explore the ways and means of organizing and designing games that highlight all aspects of non-corporatist, non-neo-liberal economics and goverance.
Participation is encouraged.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Founding Discussion Thread One

This discussion thread is solely for people to use the comment section below in order to move the Democracy Games forward, both as an internet site/sites, and as a local/global movement, so feel free to comment, suggest directions, start debates, propose games, add links etc.
I will extract quotes and comments et al and post them when they point in directions that can be more easily developed in their own threads.
By clicking on the follow the blog link, you can respond to issues as they develop.
Moderators will be added as need arises.
Let's see if we can make this a reality.

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